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987.2 2.9 Check Engine Light and Limp Home mode

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Hello all,


Posting to gather experiences on this issue.


Context: 2.9l Cayman had a major service in April including spark plugs. I ran a track day at Castle Combe 2 weeks ago. Then on Friday drove 50 ish miles to a destination, was there for c 5 hours, drove 50 ish miles home. I spent a fair bit longer stuck in traffic than usual at the end of the trip home.


Incident: Whilst sat in traffic and about 1 mile from home, Check Engine Light (CEL) comes on, then flashes, then 'Reduced engine power' in red is displayed on the dash. I continued to carefully drive the remaining distance home. Idle felt a bit rougher than usual and it didn't sound too happy, bit more 'chuntering' than usual.


Post incident: On Sunday I started the car up. No CEL or warnings on the dash, I drove the car normally, getting it fully warmed up, driving out of town and onto faster roads for around a 40 minute round trip. All seemed normal, no rough idle, no unusual noises. I read but did not clear the Diagnostic Trouble Code (DTC), this was P0305 - misfire detected on the 5th cylinder. The status of the code was 'pending'. After looking this up it seems that this status would be confirmed if the issue happened on two consecutive sessions, and will be cleared from memory if the fault does not return after 40 warm ups.


My question here is: has anything similar happened to others? Would others expect this to happen again once it has occurred once, or could this just be a false positive or isolated incident on the diagnostics?


I am considering whether I might proactively replace the coil packs, or just hope that it doesn't happen again.


Cheers for any help!

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10 minutes ago, Lennym1984 said:

Was it wet at the time?

I'm trying to recall correctly. At the time the incident occurred, no, but it had seen some light rain earlier that day and I think some on the motorway on the same drive.

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Circling back on this, I had the coil pack on cylinder 5 replaced with a new Beru one today. Car is running noticibly smoother at idle and is revving more freely. Seems to have sorted the problem! 

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