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Oil smoke on startup.

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My 987.2 with just 25k miles decided to emit a huge cloud of oil smoke on startup yesterday for no apparent reason.
I had done a 50 mile motorway trip, parked up for about 5 hours before restarting.

Un the 5,000 miles and 9 months since purchasing this hasn’t happened before. My 2007 972.1 boxster did similar a couple of times at 70k miles, but a new AOS sorted it.


Am I looking at a similar issue here with such a low mileage 987.2? Car has used zero oil in my ownership, although reads high on the silly electronic oil level readout after I did an oil change shortly after purchasing. I reckon possibly 1/2 pint overfill max based on the amount I drained.


Car runs perfectly, unscrewing the oil filler cap doesn’t alter tickover and has little suction on the cap.  

I’m minded to ignore, but on the other hand, my perfectionist side wants to ensure everything is 100%.




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Only a very slight incline tbh. Bit embarrassing as we were leaving a lunchtime get together with several relations who were waving us off before rushing inside to call the fire brigade! :)

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sometimes hot

sometimes cold

sometimes alot

sometimes not

My 09 has done it since new and it can be embarrassing but i use no oil between changes 45k on it . 

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