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Clunking from rear suspension.


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Guys I am in Eastbourne and have a clunking from the rear suspension over bad surfaces or uneven roads.i had this before on a previous 987 but I can’t remember what it was. Drop links? Coffin arms?

anyhow, not being flush at the moment I’d rather a local garage could take a look at the for me (or Mavrik?? ) and I’d welcome any pointers. Car has done 75000, 2.7 manual.


happy to pay a good price just not £120ph!


thanks for any help, Kim


077 9668 1743



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Could be anything from the top mounts separating causing rattling, to the coffin arms or the control arms.

Also worth checking your tailgate is closing tightly, wind the rubber adjusters out a bit, as they can rattle.

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Are you sure it’s not just good ole fashioned ‘trunk clunk’?


is it definitely suspension?


can you Jack up and get on axle stands to get under and give all the suspension components a good hard shaking to see / hear for play and movement?

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Thanks guys.

No Windy, I can't do anything like that I'm afraid.

I'll try the trunk clunk check first.

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