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Advice before selling

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So after 3 years and some great weekends away with the Cayman I am looking to sell.

Before I put the car up for sale wanted some advice on how it should be presented before sale.


  • The wheels are slightly corroded under the valves, should I have them refinished
  • There is a slight dent above the rear wheel arch, should have get this pulled
  • Paint work is in good condition for it's age but should I get it detailed before sale
  • What is the best place to list the car


The car is a 987, 2007 with 71,000 miles and is a manual, not sure the above actions will bring anymore to the sale but interested to know peoples thoughts.





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- No

- Maybe (it only costs ~£45 for PDR so could be worthwhile)

- No but give it a good clean and a polish if you can (you won't get the money back from paying to have it detailed)

- Autotrader/Pistonheads/eBay (although prepare for some weirdos)


Something which maybe worth doing is paying to pre-emptively have it borescoped so that you can show this to knowledgeable buyers. Internet "wisdom" (make of that what you will) suggests that a 987.1 S is best avoided due to the risk of bore scoring. Many buyers will have done their research and so being able to show them a clean report will hopefully put their minds at rest and make your car a better proposition than similar cars out there.


Good luck with the sale

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I would also add it to the "Porsche for sale, UK" group on Facebook.


Provide as much info as you can on options, modifications and service history to avoid having to answer the same questions over and over.

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As above really for your questions, the PDR and borescope in particular. A really good DIY clean and polish should suffice.


I’ve bought most of my cars privately and these are the things that give me most confidence as a buyer:
A brutally honest description - better to have a potential buyer pleasantly surprised by condition than disappointed.

Factual description of condition, service history, tyre depth etc. rather than a rambling advert about how much you love the car or how your children were conceived in it etc.

Decent pics from both sides, front and back, interior and all 4 wheels in a pleasant location (ie not on a scabby industrial estate or McDonalds car park).

Also a few pics of service book/receipts etc (blank any personal details).

When selling, I’d always try the enthusiast places first like Pistonheads, dedicated marque/model forums or FB groups.



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