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Coolant temps, how hot is too hot?


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As per title, had coolant temps on OBD reader showed a high of 111°C on track the other day, generally hovering around the 108-109 mark. Up here even the "don't alarm the customer" in car coolant temp meter was creeping above 80°C.

The question is, was I right to be concerned and come in when the temps get that high? I am thinking about fitting a 3rd rad to combat it.

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With my 987.2 I decided that any movement on the binicle temp gauge was a bad sign so decided to got the third radiator. It was very straightforward to fit as long as you have the right gear to bleed the cooling system (which is a PITA even with the right kit). I also fitted an aux temp gauge to monitor things further. Since fitting the third rad The temps have been under control and I’ve never seen the temp gauge fluctuate.

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