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Helloooo from deepest Dorset!


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Hi peeps -  just a quick line to say hi and obtain my licence to lurk... 

I already have one Porker -  a 1990 944 Cab re-restoration project (long story!) but have recently developed a serious itch for a Cayman...   My daily drive is an 07 530D estate, but scoff ye not as I was more than pleasantly surprised to discover that the auctioneer was unaware that it had had a stage 2 tune to 295 Bhp and 600 some Nm torque, de-catted along with a swirl-flapectomy and lowering kit... The hidden detachable towbar was a nice bonus too! 

I'm handy with a set of spanners (as long as they're not whitworth) and am a very keen biker with the TV4 delivering more than enough adrenaline and an exhaust howl that would wake the dead, and a couple of old Japanese two-strokes just to irritate Greta a bit more.. 

I'd love to hear from any owners near to me about the real-world experience of living with a Cayman though... 


Cheers Greg

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Hi Greg…just bought a 987.1 2.7 as a daily…I’ve done nearly 300 miles in less than a week…I’m not far from you near Wareham…I’ve got to this via a 964, 3 x 996 , 2 x Boxster S and currently restoring a 968…it’s seems a good car to use everyday!

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Bit late to this one as well - hi! I'm a county over from you, but been dailying my 987.1S for a little over a year now. Happy to answer any questions you've got!

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