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OPC sevicing experience....mea culpa.


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I should have known better. Having bought a fine, unmolested example of a 2007 987.1, and aiming to continue the unblemished OPC service record, thanks to its previous 2 owners, I decided to trust the upcoming minor service to my local OPC. I knew it would cost 824 GBP - more than twice the service cost at Cotswold Porsche. I knew I was being irrational, supposing that the OPC stamp was worth 500GBP, yet I persuaded myself that, along with the stamp, I would be cosseted by first class, personalised service.

I was wrong. Whilst I had no issues with the nuts and bolts of the service, I was otherwise unimpressed. This was my first visit to this OPC, and potentially the first of many in the future. No attempt made to ask about my relationship with the vehicle, and what recent work may have been done during my stewardship. So, for instance, the visual check suggested a (surprise, surprise) A/.C service, despite the obvious signs that most A/C components had recently been replaced-why not contact me to clarify this? 

I queried this, and other points, with the sevice manager. Obfuscation reigned.

A final note...I'm sure a visual inspection of the drive belt is not a minor servce item..it was ticked, but I doubt it was done, otherwise why did the service stamp not indicate this...etc. etc.

Anyway, lessons learned..more brass than sense, some folk !



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Sorry to hear about the poor experience - I've certainly heard a share of good and bad from people. Some seem to get treated like royalty. I have yet to bother with OPC... I figure a £13k car isn't worth the hassle, but then half the history is specialist already anyway.


One note though: there's no reason for them not to have visually inspected the drive belt. It's very easy/straightforward! You could do it in 5-10 minutes. Unimpressed with the inconsistent stamping/box checking, though.

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My experience with OPC Cardiff is that they do indeed pamper you.  But once you weigh up the cost difference, you could have pampered yourself and still saved some cash.


The most irritating thing about an OPC, in my experience, is the constant fishing for work - be it MOTs or services.  The second most irritating thing is the ridiculous pricing.  My rear mudguard had broken and, as the car was in for a service, I figured I would quote them fitting it for an all-in-one visit (thinking it would be £30-50).  They wanted £175 to fit it!  The mudguard was £19 and I changed it a week or so later in 5 minutes... It took longer to get the tools out and pack them away than undo/redo the 4 bolts or whatever.  Cannot fault the customer service itself, however.  It is flawless.

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