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8:11 Nurburgring BTG lap. 987.2 S


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Nvm just found your thread.


Watched a bit of the video, you could definitely do with being more smooth on your throttle and steering inputs. It looks quite frantic a lot of the time, which is probably a testament to the cars setup that it still got you round in such a quick time.


I'm convinced a Cayman S should be more capable than an E46 M3 at the Ring, but I've never seen a time in the mid 7s for a Cayman, when there are plenty for the M3. Makes you think eh!

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Doesn't really make me think tbh. If you want an e46 and can pilot it around the ring in the mid 7s great. 


If you want a 987.2 and fancy giving it a try,  great stuff.


Me personally, great time dougie, driving all the way over there putting laps in and making a weekend of it is no easy holiday. 


I imagine Mischa or other regulars could do a sub 8 in a 987.

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