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Noob from Nottingham


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Hi all. Just impulse purchased a 2007 Cayman. I'm in love with the way it drives! Covered about 1800 miles in the past few weeks. I'll be doing plenty of 'things' to this vehicle so I thought I best join, share my journey and gain some help from you lot 😊




I'm thinking of going for a set of 20" Techno wheels. Currently on 18" 

I'm well aware this will likely ruin the handling but its an itch I just have to scratch.


What do we think? 

Next on the list will be a stainless exhaust, cotton filter, new coil packs & plugs, underdrive crank pulley, low temperature thermostat, water pump n possible rads. 

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A good looking car 🤩


and welcome to the affectionately, if unfortunately, acronymed COC 😉

i think they’ll be plenty of here better able to comment with authority but I’m not sure if 20” wheels will fit the 987. 

Have you considered the range of 997 19” wheels that would fit the 987?  I have the Carrera S 19” and they look good without compromising the ride too much. 

i also definitely experienced a better / sharper turn in on a friends 987 riding on 18s, but it all depends what your motivator is - looks or ride/handling. 

have fun fettling, th RSR are fine cars to own and drive 👍🏻

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Ahh thanks, I managed to squeeze the 20s on today... No rubbing and rides much smoother than the 18s certainly hurt performance but for that 'look' 😍😍 nice winter or euro tour setup. Wont be giving it hell on the B roads with these on it. 20211205_175530.jpg.49c4a3300b3dfce9f9238b2d7ff93fe4.jpg

I plan on keeping the 18" wheels but add some semi slicks with a bit more side wall on them. For some summer fun and the odd track day. 

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