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Boot/Bonnet opener (cheap on AliExpress)?

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The boot/bonnet opener on my 987.1 has failed. It seems that they do so occasionally. The switch for the front boot ("frunk", as I think it's de rigeur to call it on here) has gone wobbly and needs a bit more love to make it work. 


A new one? Seems to be about £90 from an OPC. 




It seems you can get the part on AliExpress for .... £9.70. Literally, 10% of the OPC price. It may not arrive for a long while but - hey! - I don't use the car that much, there is another boot to put things in, the switch still works and if it fails then I can still open the frunk from the key. This cheapo bargain is here: 




Is there any reason NOT to save £80 and buy from China? 

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10 minutes ago, zcacogp said:

Thanks. Assigned by whom; the seller or this forum? (Or both! 🤔)

Yourself! For ‘volunteering’ to take a punt on a £10 Chinese version and letting us all know if it works 🫣😉😁 

i recall a previous thread a year or so back on some similarly cheap versions available on eBay - a number of the community members bought them and reported that they worked fine 👍🏻

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If was me, i think it may be worth a go as probably not that technically hard to copy from original, however I’d probably go for one off eBay like this




for a couple of pounds more it will likely arrive a lot quicker and if it’s rubbish then maybe eBay will cover you on that.

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Replaced one last December, UK supplier delivered in a couple days, was £12.33 now £15.19, no complaints. Not really worth bothering with  Aliexpress.
It works, it looked as equally flimsy as OE part that failed. 2 micro switches, 2 LED bulbs it’s not a £90 component. Allow a good 10mins to fit.

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