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718 Boxster Review - He likes it... NOT!


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Haha, I just watched that too! 


I think he likes everything apart from the engine, which is a shame! It does sound dire though compared to ours :$


I wonder if the new Cayman will be any better in that respect, give the extra time they have to work on it, based on early reviews of the Boxster? 


I do do like a good turbo motor, but the sound and lag are always the things that end up irritating. Also, the way you summon the performance without engine revolutions, is just so different! 

Deep into the throttle, so summon the boost, then roll out as you get what you required. It's a more lazy style I do like, but not in sports cars! 



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Makes me very sad.  I'm sure it's a very good car, but the flat six noise is part of the Porsche package for me.  




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I love the F6 noise and NA direct input and hated my TTS' turbo'd engine for lag and brief overrun surge.


At least the 718 GT4 will keep the NA 6 from what I've read. Now that surely will be a good car if you have £100k spare?

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1 hour ago, @carnewal said:

I wonder what it will take to get a decent sound out of that :(

You'll be able to make it louder and more dramatic, but never tuneful or charismatic!


FI engines, however many cilinders, always sound farty and mono-tone, when compared to the NA equivelent!

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How about splitting the exhaust into two in the down pipe, then lengthening one of the branches slightly so the sound of the firing cycle is repeated slightly out of sync with the other branch and thus... it becomes an EIGHT cylinder sound track! 


I thank you...



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9 hours ago, @carnewal said:

I don't know if anyone is waiting for a V8 sound .... ;)   


It'd be different! Or... three pipes for a V12 sound!?


Is my thinking flawed? :$

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It's the cylinder firing order, number of cylinders and engine design that lend most to the character.

A turbo partially masks this character, by disrupting the airflow from the exhaust/outlet side, by using the rushing air to drive a turbine. They'd why turbo cars tend to (but not always) sound more alike! 


The turbo chops up the air as it passes, removing the bass and treble, leaving a narrower frequency range, of mostly midrange sounds. A small (very small) number of turbo cars have had something called a 'screamer pipe' but not these days.

This can sometimes be spotted as an extra tiny exhaust pipe, most notably on an F40.

They let out excess boost at full throttle and do actually 'Scream' in quite a high pitched manner! (They do tend to get silenced as well though)





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