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Upgrading from a x reg Renault Clio 1.2 8v


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She’s a looker for sure. 🤩


I had my previous 987S from Cridfords and found them very good to deal with. 

enjoy the car, sounds like you’ve had a tough couple of years recently but hopefully life’s on the up for you (or certainly will be after you collect your shiny new 981 😉👍🏻)

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14 hours ago, Dipdipdipam said:

Couldn't wait until Saturday so finishing work early on Friday so I can go get her 😍

I remember picking mine up on Friday 31st at the effective loss of a months worth of road tax because I couldn’t wait till the Saturday 1st the next day. It’s not every day you collect your Porsche so why the hell not get it as soon as you can… 😁👍🏻

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They've serviced it now, even though it wasn't due until March and fitted new front discs and pads. Part of me is tempted to pick it up tomorrow 🤤

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So a little update and Carla is ready to be picked up. They've done the usual valet on her. I'll be picking her up on Friday ❤️, leaving early from work.


At the same time, my shopping list has expanded. So far I've got this on my list...


Front luggage compartment liner

Guards red seatbelts

GAP insurance

New number plates made with my personalised registration, same on that I had on the 350z

Blackvue 900x plus 2ch dash cam hardwired with cellink neo 8+ battery pack

Concaver CVR1 Winter alloys in matt graphite and Michelin pilot alpin 5 tyres

Window tints - rear (dark), rear side (mid-dark) and front side (light)

Akropovic or Armytrix exhaust


I should be able to get all of these items bar the exhaust in the next couple of months 🥰

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