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Result - Thanks OPC Mid Sussex

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I am missing out on posting here lately (due to being too busy). But I wanted to share a piece of good news. 


I bought my car in late October. It had 10k on the clock. 2k miles later I noticed a strumming sound coming from the front of the car at particular speeds. 


Upon checking the front wheels I noticed both tyres are cracked right around the centres. On Friday last,  I contacted the OPC I bought it from (125 miles away) and told them of my findings. 


They instantly apologised and offered an inspection at either their premises or at my Local OPC (my preference) 


I went back to them this morning to inform them of my choice and my availability in the next 24 hours. 


The following response was pleasantly shocking. I was informed that they reviewed the 111 point check on my car and noticed that they had replaced two rear tyres. They also said that the fronts would not be covered under Porsche warranty (something I expected but I would expect Porsche to speak with Goodyear). However they were happy for me to replace them and send them the invoice. 


No argument. 


No inspection. 


Just send us the bill. Hope you are happy. 



All I can say? 


Wow!  Thanks Mid Sussex .  I will without doubt continue to recommend them for sales AND service. 



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As the fronts were Goodyears, no doubt the OPC replaced the rears with Goodyears as they don't like to mix? In which case... I'd stick with Goodyears.

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