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'eyeball' cards


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did we, (COC) ever get any further with printable or printed 'eyeball' cards to tuck under non members windscreen wipers to advertise our existence etc. we used to use them in motorcycle clubs to drum up support, get new members and advertise functions/parties etc, worked well.

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We did, we posted a 'print it yourself' type of flyer that you can write on with a personal message or whatever you so fancy.  


or, I have some had some mini  business cards produced that are smaller and shiny like, PM me if you want a few and I'll send them with the Royal Mail's best horseman 



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5 minutes ago, Bushman said:

missed that Tom. any chance of reposting the link please


Here's the thread 



these are the small cards... 




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I just printed some of the revised personalised "flyers" (as below), 4 to an A4 sheet, landscape...




So, each flyer is about 14cm wide x 10cm high.


It's not immediately apparent what the club is as "THE CAYMAN OWNERS CLUB" ends up just 1mm, yes mm, high. Easily missed.

I think the CAYMAN OC banner and wording below need to be made MUCH, MUCH, bigger.


@Tom, what's on the back of the small cards?



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