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Rear Wiper Removal


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I've got the rear window wiper on my car,  I never use it and quite honestly I think it ruins the clean lines at the rear.  


I wondered if anybody has removed theirs and managed to plug/fill the hole? 

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How very DARE you even think about removing it! 


"What would you prefer driving: an automobile displaying tangible and functional evidence of its robust heritage, or a mechanical fair-weather pretty boy?"


From: https://autouniversum.wordpress.com/2015/04/30/the-rear-wiper-a-vital-strand-of-porsche-dna/


PS. Made me feel better when I'd put a deposit down on a Cayman with rear wiper... which then got rear-ended before I paid the rest!

Bit drastic... don't try that as a method of removal!

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I agree with you Phil, I think a rear wiper spoils the clean lines, Mine doesn't have one, and I don't miss it. I drive every day regardless of weather and found that regular treatment with Rain-ex is good enough.  I took my tail gate trim off to fit a rear pedestal spoiler, you will need one of those plastic trim remover sets ( 11 piece) from ebay as the clips are really stiff to pop off. there are 2 small screws behind little covers on the front face of the lid pull down handhold. unless you know they are there, you wont see them. hope this helps.

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