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My wife wants to buy a Bugatti...


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She just came out with it at lunchtime. I said she could get a Porsche 911 for a third of the price, but she seems hell bent on it.


But what's worse is that she's set on a pink one!


I'll probably use it from time to time, but does the Bugatti name overcome the pinkness?


I think she's gone out this afternoon to look at one. Will report back soon... O.o

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When I was young I sat in the actual full size FAB1 when it was parked in a showroom on Wembley opposite the TV studios where my father worked...




Anyway, she's gone off the Bugatti now. Don't think it'll be a Porsche 911 either.


For her cup of tea it now has to be something simpler she can just plug in.

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OK, she bought a new one at last...


The pink Bugatti was dropped due to poor reviews, and then she decided against the 911 as being a little bland.


After all that, she's gone and bought a cheap one from Tesco!



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