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Thanks Bushman,

looked for a few months but kept going back to that one, I looked at a few 2.7 as had heard about the bore coating failing 3.4s but then rang a few of the garages that I used to deliver Mobil 1 to and they told me what to check and that the actual amount that had failed was really small. Would be interesting to see how many members had failures.


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I believe the actual number is really small and like most posted news, you only ever hear the horror stories.. mine, for instance now has 115K odd miles and Ive only added about 250mls of oil in the last 1500 miles. in the summer I was getting a little blue puff on startup but touch wood, that's it. It does however use a bit of coolant somewhere and usually smells of antifreeze but when I questioned that of the forums was told its pretty normal and I cant trace a leak.

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