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Carnewal Exhaust Fitting Costs

Andy L

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I'm thinking about getting a Carnewal exhaust fitted, but I've been quoted 3 hours labour plus parts by JMH in Holmes Chapel and 2.5 hours labour plus parts by PCT in Coventry. Which ever option it seems like I'll be looking at £300+ for fitting alone which seems incredible given it standard fitment. Both places also prefixed the quote by saying the price was based on a straightforward swap and that if the bolts were rusted the price would shoot north of this very quickly...


Does anyone have any idea if these quotes are reasonable?


Thanks in advance!

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It's an unfortunate fact, the exhausts can be a pig of a job if the bolts on the manifold flange have seized, which on a car more than just 3 years old begins to be more likely than not.


Paragon done mine, quoted 1.5hrs and it ended up longer and paid just over £300 in labour.  I waited there whilst they fitted it.  



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10 hours ago, Woodhouse said:

The really daft thing was, I then went to Belgium to get Gert to fit the Carnewal exhaust a couple of weeks later.  How I wish I'd gone to him first!    


I'd highly recommend this route if you're getting a Carnewal exhaust.  Costs less for a trip over to Belgium than paying 3 hours labour to a Porsche specialist

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