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Newbie to Porsche - 2014 Cayman S

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Hi Guys,


I recently bought a 2014 Cayman S and I'm enjoying it very much. I've previously had fast luxury cars like the Mercedes CL63 AMG, BMW M5 and Jaguar XF-R but nothing compares to the way my cayman handles! (Although it must be said that the main reason for that is that the 3 I mentioned were much heavier and based on cars originally designed for comfort).


What has pleasantly surprised me is how comfortable it is. I am 6ft 3in tall and a one-too-many-kebabs body type and I find the cabin to have ample head and leg room and the seats (sports seats plus) to be supportive but still large enough, although there is some effort required to get in and out especially in a car park (long legs), but I'm only 26 so I'm fairly flexible....for now!


Otherwise it sounds fantastic, has ample power for the road (and the country roads...ahem, Sport mode and flappy paddles on!), and the PDK is excellent, even better than BMW's DCT that they use in their M cars - which is in itself very good, so that's saying something. 


The only thing that really gets me is the fact that there is no volume control on the steering wheel. There's that little indicator stalk thing on the steering column that let's me do everything from viewing a map on the instrument closer to going through my phone book as well as my ipod, but they couldn't attach a little jog dial to the end of the stalk so I can adjust volume?!...


I will post some photos tomorrow when I'm at my computer



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Welcome! :) 


The PDK (and PDK-S) is very good these days, I'd say it's probably the best out there followed very closely by the DCT on the BMW.  





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4 minutes ago, Beanoir said:

Very nice! What's the gadget on the air vent?


Its a Cheetah speed camera detector (GPS) http://www.cheetahgps.co.uk/Cheetah_C550_Platinum_Membership.php


Its not hard wired or anything, its just clipped onto the air vent. I use a cigarette lighter adapter powered from the socket in the passenger footwell to power it when I visit other towns.

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Did you consider a specialist "chips away" type company to fix the existing trim, or is the leather damaged?


I used one to repair a cigarette burn in a fleet car once. Invisible repair at around £40. There's probably one for trim too!?


GT silver? Mine's Rhodium. I'm often in Cov so keep an eye out for each other.

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It wasn't the trim itself, it was the clip at the back. I did have a proper go at trying to fix the clip on it using araldite and waiting for it to set before reattaching the trim to the centre console. I could hear the clip fall off again whilst attaching it lol. The tech at OPC had a look at it and said that even if I find the plastic clip (1cm long worth) again, there's nothing that can really be done to properly attach it back onto the trim piece.

So I had to order a new one

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