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First Post! Performance Upgrades

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Hi All, 


Just joined OC. Owned my first Porsche, 2006 Cayman S for 3 months now. And after years of  driving BMW and Audi, I'm loving the Cayman experience. It's been well looked after, low mileage at 39k and full OPC history.


I'm  thinking about any performance upgrades that don't cost the earth, but are worthwhile. Very limited budget. Keen to get views on list/types of things I should look to save for?


Anyideas would be great.



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I've looked at these courses in the past. The precision course looks good, but £760 for a day seems really expensive to me. I'd be interested to here if anyone here has been to one of these events and how they found the experience.

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Yes, I did the PEC "Warm up| half day a month after buying my 981. 2 1/2 hours in my car with an instructor, plus breakfast and lunch.


Well worth it to gauge the limits of a new (to me) car, and my own in it. Knackered by the end of the day!

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11 hours ago, Beanoir said:

The PEC days are not really driver training days at all, far from them.  


If you want to do a proper driver training course try the CAT driver training, it comes highly recommended by those that have done them.




Now that look good fun and worthwhile. Need to drop so less than subtle hints for a forthcoming birthday.

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