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New 987S gen 2 owner


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Hi all,


By way of an introduction...


Recently acquired my first Porsche (carrera white 987S 'gen2' MY10)  after 35 years of dreaming of having one, ever since watching the obscure Disney film 'Condorman' with Michael Crawford as an unlikely superhero in it - all the villains drove black 911s. As a 10 year old boy I just had to have one!


Ok, so I mine's not black and it's not a 911 (it's better, the engine is in the right place...?), but it is a Porsche, and that's the important bit right???


Anyway, looking forward to being as active a member at local (Bucks, Berks, Herts, Ox) meets as SWIMBO will permit - my last forays with OCs were the FTO OC and Alfisti when I was single, footloose and fancy free (ah, them were the days....) ??


looking forward to meeting some fellow like-minded Cayman owners in the coming years. 


All the best, Jason


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I have a white Cayman S. My wife told me last night that she thought it was the most common looking car she had ever seen. She said it looks like all the other cars to her.  I guess I don't have to tell you she is not a car person. I think your car looks good. Have a enjoyable time with it.Enclosed it a photo of mine.IMG_1219.jpg.a95401d7d0a146d1cc929ae82b88b6b7.jpg 

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Hi Bill, sounds like grounds for a divorce to me ???!


i like the black Porsche side decal on yours, had thought about getting it for mine to break up the whiteness, but now I've got 'her' I don't want to mess with her looks. Also think it might make it look like I'm trying to style her as an R. 


White has had become an ubiquitous car colour for sure (our family diesel SUV is white), but I love how white shows off all the curves and panel creases beautifully, especially when spotlessly clean. ??

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49 minutes ago, Beanoir said:



I loved Condorman! Although it was the black 911s that I listed after...and some wings attached to my arms! 

Thanks Beanoir, it's funny how those childhood influences steer us towards later-life decisions. I'm also still waiting till I can buy my first Millenium Falcon, but I think the misses might draw the line at that being parked on the drive....


great lookin R you have yourself ??

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