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What size wheel spacers for Cayman 987

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So I'm unsure which size to go with, I read different views on this but I've decided I need to give them a go.  


So what size do people recommend and do I go just front or front & rear? 



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Ive got 20mm spacers at the rear with 45mm thread radius seat bolts and 10mm spacers up front with 35mm thread radius seat bolts, 19 inch rims, 35 profile rim  protected tyres. no wheel arch clashes and the rears clear the struts by about 35mm. steering feels lighter but is more sensitive to surface changes. no understeer issues on wet or dry roads, never track dayed it though.

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I recently fitted 15mm rear and 7mm front, I liked the look but last week took only the 15mm off the rears after I had my Ohlins fitted. The car drives nicer (to me) with them off and is more playful whilst retaining the 7mm fronts makes for great turn in and minimal understeer. I am going to try 7mm all round soon as a compromise as now the car is lower the wheels don't look quite so 'lost' in the arches. 

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