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Hi, first time buyer


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Looking for a Cayman S.  Caught the bug after seeing a white Cayman on the forecourt of the local dealership.  Unfortunately they never seemingly sold the 987 in white.


Previous car was a BMW 320Cd M Sport but want something bit sportier.


Currently spending a small fortune on hire cars because I have very little free time to travel the country looking at cars.


I am very finicky hence why I still looking...



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Got a budget of ~£20K so I am looking at a Cayman S. Colour not an issue though I would prefer White/Silver/Black in that order.


I travel a lot of motorway miles (including the A14 and M25) so I need cruise control but if it doesn't come with it I can get it retrofitted at Revolution Porsche so no issues there.


I joined the forums since people selling here are probably fans and haven't driven like loons and scored the engines.

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There was a chrono sport (2009) that was sold in white. Limited edition. Seen for sale at £25k. Tempted but that's next year's holiday gone. Girlf won't be happy about that...

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Bought a white gen2 Cayman S Chrono Sport - different to the one I saw above as this was £1k more..  Collecting this Friday, and got it booked in at Revolution Porsche for a checkup same day and will be leaving it with them to retrofit the controls.

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