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Alarm keeps goes off

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My alarm has gone off for apparently no reason on a number of times. 


All doors, boot, bonnet firmly shut, no obvious cause (e.g. 'Rocking' the car, anything moving inside).


anyone had similar experiences? Could it be an issue with the cars battery depleting, or a dodger sensor perhaps?


apparently it kept my neighbour up going off whilst we were away on hols for 10 days - 'ooops' ?  





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ask an independent auto electrics place ( not just somewhere that wants to sell you a battery regardless and will tell lies to justify the sale) to do a drop test on the battery. most modern batteries wont last much longer than 3 years anyway and to be fair, electrical demands from any modern car are high. if the drop test shows a weakness in the cells and with winter coming,, just change it out. Rob at Battery Base in Bedford may be able to help you. don't forget to leave a booster pack or another battery connected across the battery terminals before you loosen and remove them from your battery. this will preserve all your settimgs, ecu status etc and stop the alarm triggering and prevent a PSM failure issue like the one I had last week when I came back from holiday and found a pancake where my battery used to be..

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