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Flat battery


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Right those in the know. 


I have a flat battery and of course you cannot open the bonnet without power. I have tried the spare battery, jump leads, fuse box suggested in the manual but didn't work. Maybe the battery was a bit low so going to charge the spare now.


Are there any other fixes to this please?


I have a 07 Cayman S


At least it's peeing with rain so wouldn't be going anywhere in it today.



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There is a manual release pull under the passenger side wheel arch, I think you have to pull the plastic arch liner away to get at it - I remember doing once before and it was not easy but it’s there. 

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I had the same problem in September after 2 weeks holiday. I posted a story and a permanent fix that you may find useful. basically, to save ripping out the front nearside wheelarch liners, connect a small battery charger to an old cigarette lighter plug. ( centre pin is positive) and plug it in to the cigarette lighter socket by the ashtray on the centre console. this links directly to the battery. after maybe an hour,( with the doors shut so no interior lights on) there should be enough juice to pop the front lid. hope this helps. good luck

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