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First year of ownership


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and just had my first service and MOT and it sailed through, which is a massive relief.


Will pick up on Saturday and hopefully, if its not too snowy have a good run out.


The only thing mentioned was a bit of smoke on start up, which we all know happens and nothing to worry about if it goes after a few moments. Engineer says possibly valve stem seals but not to worry til you see a plume of smoke all the while you're driving.


Anyway happy days for now.

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What colour is the smoke?  If it has a blue tinge then, yes, it's likely stem seals.  However, if it's as white as fluffy clouds then it's likely just moisture in the exhaust.

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its a flat engine so the bores don't drain like a vertical engine so the first piston movement always scrapes a bit of oil up, same with valve stems, nothing to worry about if it goes after a few secs. and Aarons right about the exhausts collecting moisture too. it would have helped if Porsche had put a small drain hole in the bottom of each silencer body

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smoke on start up

sometimes hot

sometimes cold

sometimes alot

sometimes not

probably the AOS gets overwhelmed ......it will not just go away ....it is what they do

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