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I believe its a bespoke to Porsche 12mm buttress thread. I will check tomorrow at work, In daylight and when I have a set of thread gauges in my hand, just to be sure.

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its a RH 20mm thread with a 3mm pitch and a 60 degree thread form. it has a root diameter of 16.5mm. A standard M20 has 2.5mm pitch with a root of 17.6mm.

should be straight forward to get a 20mm diameter bar screw cut in a machine shop to this thread. Another solution might be to buy a second hand one off ebay for a couple of notes, cut off the eye, then drill and tap a female M10 thread into the cut off end. then you can mount anything you like that bolts on via an M10 bolt.

hope this helps.

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Ian ... pp `Bushman`


I have a spare 987.2 towing eye available if required. Genuine item, used at the rear when on track (once) with my previous CR.


Also, for interest:





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