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Back from holiday and Porsche gone!

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Got back yesterday from a 3.5 week holiday. Couldn't wait to see my 'new to me' Cayman S parked up - but as the Uber turned the corner....Nothing. :huhsign:


Thought maybe I parked it elsewhere so ran around the block looking for it... no Cayman...>:(


Then the realisation set in - I live in the bowels of SW London so it was obvious, my prized car was probably half way to Nigeria and the police would have a very cold trail as I had no idea when it was taken. Even my girlfriend who hates my car (she thinks I'm more in love with it than her) was in tears! 


I phoned the police car tracker line... nothing. They suggested I phone the DVLA....


Turned out due to a freak admin error at the dealers, it was neither taxed (they were to give 12 months tax as part of the deal) or actually owned by me so it was clamped and then impounded just a couple of days after I left for holiday! 


£500 release fee and she rides again! They even washed it for me! Impound couldn't understand how no one had claimed her for over two weeks and we're hoping I would never show up!


So considering the main road it was parked which is notorious for dings and scrapes in snowy weather... I could not be happier it spent those weeks in a safe lockup! Every cloud eh!

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Thanks all - The dealer were fab, sorted the tax and V5 on the spot and will pay all costs associated with it. Really relieved!   

Where I live its a PCZ between 10am-12pm without physical permit slips - its just turned virtual. So they have to enter in the reg numbers of each car to check the permit. Having had a ticket before when my leaky T-Bar MR2 made the windscreen all misty and it slid off - the ticket stated 'Road Tax: Yes'.


I'd say there is one car a month with a clamp for not paying road tax. I guess they can kill a few birds with one stone now! 



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seriously I was so close to a heart attack hehe this false alarm had made me want to beef my my security. Pleaae can someone recommend a good car tracker? :)



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