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Hi from Bath


New member with 2012 S - had it from new so sorry it has taken a while to join!


Looking to upgrade lights and found the thread with all the helpful input from Bushman.  Not clear whether there is an LED option that works for the mains or if the recommendation is still for 1100W Xenon?

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thanks Nick, I'll try. 

hi NGBPNE, not sure if a 2012 s is the same spec as mine but if it is, and you havnt got Bi-Xenons, I use Nighteyes 6000k 70w fan cooled cree element units ( with a purple anodised body) for mains. these are an H9 fitment with an adjustable bayonet mount. this the bulb within this mount needs to be tweeked to get the best beam. I set mine up off the car using a workmate a battery boosterpack and some 14swg insulated wires with croc clips on the ends. I clamped the lamp unit in the workmate with the back off, shining the main beam onto a whiteboard. on the whiteboard, using a drywipe marker, I mapped the beam pattern. after carefully swapping the bulb for the new led, you should be able to wiggle the led holder within the mount to get as close as you can to the original.  warning, VERY bright light, wear sunglasses. worth persevering, I would never go back to Halogens now.

I got both H7 dips and H9 mains from Ebay

good luck.

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Hi Bushman - many thanks for your help. I bought and fitted the Nights headlamps and they are great.  It was all as you described so I appreciate the details in your post.


I was planning arrive on the continent so also tried to use the adjustment levers in the lights but found they were stuck in place and couldn't be moved. Any tips on that issue?


Thanks again

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I had a work colleagues  986 Boxter lamps out this week as he found out from his MOT tester that his light units were continental specials probably bought in cheap to up date from gen 1 with orange indicators to white gen 2 replacements.  The LH to RH mechanism doesn't really change the beams to the opposite hand. On a UK model, the dip beam should have a flat top with about 1/3rd from  the LH side sloping upwards and outwards to illuminate the kerb  a bit further out. on the continent, the ramp is on the opposite side. The built in 'convertor' in Porsches just flatten out this ramp so as not to dazzle the French. it does not introduce a ramp on the opposite side to make them truly continental. how it works is to swivel the dip beam reflector round to the right a few degrees whilst the glass diffuser that creates the beam pattern stays still so it moves the light beam away from the ramp producer. simples!

due to lack of use. these mechanisms seize up, and they are still anyway. try a light dribble of two of penetrating oil on the linkage then wiggle. don't spray WD40 (other brands are available) into the light unit as it will smear the reflectors and glass.

hope this helps.

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