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My new cayman and stereo options


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Hi everyone,


I recently picked up my new (to me) Cayman!


I had a 987 a couple of years ago which I loved, and sadly sold it as I just wasn't using it much.   I recently started searching for another car and decided I wanted to be back in a Porsche,  after a few months of searching I found a lovely 981. I've had it a couple of months ago and it's great!


Anyway, the only disappointment is the stereo, i've done a lot of searching on the forum regarding what upgrade options I have, and I thought i had found a solution in a chap who was able to upgrade the stereo to support apple car play.


After a bit more research it appears that I have the very basic CDR head unit and not even the PCM, so looks like the basic one can't be upgraded.  For anyone interested, this was the option i was looking at > https://www.nmautomotive.co.uk/carplay-androidauto.


So I am now wondering if I just install an  aftermarket head unit that supports apple car play.  

Has anyone got any experience of doing this?  Are there any downsides (would i loose the reverse parking audio alerts for example).


Many thanks in advance


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I can recommend an Apple Car Play unit, just fitted one in my non-Cayman but functionality wise it’s fantastic.  I went for a Pioneer.  


Having the basic head unit in the Cayman (i.e. non-Bose) means installation is quite straightforward.  


Reversing sensors shouldn’t be affected by the radio.  

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I went for the Pioneer SPH-DAB130DAB, I wanted DAB so went for this one over the 120.  




Really pleased with it, particularly now that Apple have opened up CarPlay to Google Maps, Waze and Tidal.  

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I’m new on here but had the same question when I bought my 981 GTS in May.

I swapped from a Toyota GT86.

I’d fitted a Pioneer F88-AVIC unit to the Toyota and was really impressed especially as it have 2 X  usb outlets.



Removed it from the GT86 and fitted to the Cayman as the PCM is pretty ‘old tech’.

Apple CarPlay, Nav, dab etc.  

Halfords fitted the whole thing including the fitting kit for £85. Absolute bargain cost. 

Minor issue to be sorted is the live feed needs to be moved somewhere in the fuse board to allow the unit to stay live until the key is removed. At present if the ignition is turned off the head unit switches off as it does with the ‘stop/start function.

Anybody know how to sort that issue? 

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Surely the radio should switch off with the ignition?? ?


The general aftermarket radio installation advice for these cars is to run your live under the dash to the fuse box and pick up a suitable feed there (switched and permanent) 

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