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wet carpet


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Hi all, I discovered last week that the carpet under the passenger side front mat was pretty wet - did a bit of research and the 2 most likely causes seemed to be blocked drain holes in the battery compartment area and/or leaking A/C drain pipe inside the cabin.  I dried out the carpet and poked around the drain holes (with plastic straws in the dark!), and 2 of them did seem quite well gunked up.  Hoping that has fixed it, but has anyone else had similar issues and found any other alternative cause/remedies?  


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Pretty common tbh... especially if the door cards have been removed i.e to replace a knackered window regulator!


As FLAT STICK suggests, check the bottom of the door card carpet... If it's wet you'll need to remove the door card & window mechanism access plate & reseal with something like "Tiger Seal" ... Worked on mine...



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Cheers guys, I had a quick check of the door cards and they seem to be dry. 

I think the weather at the moment will test whether I've solved the problem! 

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On 07/12/2018 at 19:26, FLAT STICK said:

Hi Ben,

Glad I could help, hope it was a cheaper option than mine having 2x new door liners fitting £££


Yep less than a fiver and a coupe of hours of labour! Seems to have fixed it as we've had some rubbish weather over the last few days  but no new wet carpets. 👍

I was trying to work out how so much water could collect in the bottom of the door to cause this issue. I noticed that water only drains away when the door is opened so maybe if you don't open the passenger door so often it could lead to a build up of water? To the extent that it breaches the seal if left too long? Dunno!


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