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Put my mind at rest....please!🙈

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Right then!....driving home couple weeks ago and coolant light came on!had it checked at my mates garage and told me it needed new radiator pipes at the front,rads were ok,cars only done 32,000 miles and it’s the gen 1,I know the pipes corroding is a common issue or pipe connectors should I say,anyway bought new ones and had them fitted,had a few issues bleeding the system but manage to do it and filled it back up with oat coolant,drove it 30 miles and all good,checked it next day and coolant had dropped a little but not leaking as far as I can see!i topped it back up and now it seems fine....this is where I get paranoid!!🙈I’ve always noticed on cold start that the exhaust smokes for the first few mins(white smoke) It’s a eurocup sports exhaust not standard,is this normal??head gasket keeps whirling around in my head!!checked the oil cap and that seems fine and oil level is fine on the dash read,does anyone else’s exhaust smoke on start up??am I just being paranoid?its the drop in coolant level that got me worried but I’m hoping it’s just because it was newly filled up and just needed to settle!?

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My old Gen 1 needed several drives before the coolant level stabilised after I changed the radiator hoses and aluminium crossover pipes.  


Some smoke/condensation on startup is common, especially this time of year.



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Sounds normal I get a bit of white smoke on start up at this time of year or if the car has not been driven for awhile. It is condensation though as others have said. Having owned a car that burnt oil on startup you would soon know by the smell and thick black build up on the tail pipes if it was something else.

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