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Gear knob removal tips


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Hi all,


I know it needs considerable force to pull it off, but I really have put a hell of a lot off force and it going nowhere. I turned the collar clockwise until it clicked and started pulling, does anybody have any tips please?


Also, does anybody know where I get a replacement silver insert for the top of the gear knob?



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@Mavrik many thanks. Yes, I have seen that video and also tried the wedge but nothing. I even had one leg either side of the console to try and get enough leverage to pulling power, feels like a forged single piece! haha  I don't believe it has been removed before on my car.


Just wondered if there were any other tips. 

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I had to do this on mine a few weeks ago when I fitted the short shift kit. In the end I had to do it once the shifter was off the car. I could only get it free by holding it upside down and hitting it with a rubber mallet and some penetrating oil.


If I were to do it with the unit in situ again I'd tape a pulling hammer to the gear knob and use that to tap it free.

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