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1 hour ago, Craiglm68 said:

Unless someone dropped a Gen 2 S lump into your Gen 1 body, you don't have DFI.


Not as far as I'm aware but the car is new to me

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I agree with 👆


If it is direct fuel injection then it's defo an engine swap imo.


Plenty of info on direct vs indirect injection on google etc.


DFI is always a more expensive fuel delivery system... Fitted to Gen2 cars only, from 2009.


Indeed, some other marques use what is called MPFI (multi-point fuel injection but the Gen1 S only had basic port (rail) injectors whereas the DFI system has the injectors directly mounted on the heads injecting the fuel straight into the combustion chamber...

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Who has told you it's a DFI engine?  It wouldn't be impossible but highly unlikely that a Gen1 had a DFi engine even as a replacement it's not a straightforward swap. 


Have you got much history with the car?

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