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Anyone going to Deutsche Fest Brands Hatch in July?

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Thought I'd open this to the forum, is anyone planning on going to Deutsche Fest in July at Brands Hatch?

I went last year and it was pretty good, lots of racing, Porsches of all kinds, good beer and food and spaces for car clubs like the Porsche GB. https://www.deutschefest.co.uk/get-involved/individual-car-displays/

The Porsche GB Championship are racing as well as some BMWs, touring cars etc... I went mainly because it was a sunny day and know Brands Hatch well. Fortunately last time there weren't too many slammed VWs and Audis with more camber then sense littering the place. 

If anyone is planning on going just let me know, I'll probably put the old Cayman on display.

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If the weathers good I'll go. Its only 10 miles from me. I am over there tomorrow. PCGB hold a monthly evening meeting. Not been before.



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A South based event sounds good (I'm in Dorset so most likely would be more of a "North ish based event!). Brands is doable, or open to locations circa the West/South West end of the M25

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I'd be up for a southern area meet too 👍

Beaulieu was a great day out but would be good to meet up with more fellow Cayman owners!

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