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New 981 GTS owner - is this normal?

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I'm now the proud owner of a mint low mileage 981 GTS manual that I managed to source in a private deal.


Still getting used to the car but I've noticed when moving about my concrete yard at home when parking or reversing with steering on full lock that the front tyres feel like they're sticking. It's difficult to describe but the front tyres can't seem to move in a nice smooth turning circle, there's a weird kind of sticking going on with the front tyres. There's no knocking or other untoward mechanical noises and the car drives great on road, it's just when doing slow manoeuvres on full lock that this happens. It's on the original factory Pirelli tyres, maybe it's the tread pattern but never had a car do this before therefore would be reassuring to hear from other owners that this is normal and nothing to be worried about. Thanks.

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It is `normal` ...  down to the steering / suspension geometry I believe. 


My CS did the same on 6mm Pirelli`s, it reduced to almost nothing when fitted with Michelin PS4S`s but now that they are  `scrubbed in` (down to 5mm after 13k)  it has returned (only slightly). 

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I read up about this when i researched getting a Cayman.


And Yup. Mine does it ! Well; it certainly did on the old tyres. Not noticed yet on new. But that's likely lack of miles. 


Completely 'normal' per-se.....

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Hi Braveheart,


Its down to something called the ‘ackerman’ effect - something to do with the geometry of the steered wheels once turned and the different ‘rate of rotation’ between the inner and outer tread blocks - causes them to ‘stretch’ between inner and outer contact-patch surfaces. 


Its only noticeable at very low (ie Parking) speeds, and when on full(ish) lock and more so on certain surfaces than others. 


Loads of of us on this forum have had that ‘oh crap what’s wrong with my newly acquired money-pit of a porker’ Moment upon first experiencing it 😱😮


welcome to the COC matey - lucky you with a manual 981 GTS 😍👍🏻

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