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Which Wheel Tyre Combo is best for ride?


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I'm trying to be a Cayman owner, but boy is it hard trying to find what I actually want!

I've had my current car BMW Z3 2.8 for over 20 years but know have an itch for a Porsche! So I'm looking for a late MANUAL 981 Cayman to try & get a real Porsche experience ie flat 6 naturally aspirated engine.

I'm struggling to decide on which wheel tyre combo to go for, as far as I know the options are 18", 19" 20" with or without PASM

I recently tried one with 20" (No PASM) & I felt the ride was not to my liking, "to jiggly" on a poor country road, there are a lot around where I live.

I've since spoken to Porsche salesman that says if the car has PASM the ride over such roads are better. Can anybody confirm this?

Like most people the 20" does look good but as the car won't be tracked much does it really make any difference?

Any help/advice from someones experience would be great.

Many Thanks

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As with most things on this forum, beauty is often in the eye of the beholder (or the comfort of their backside in this case)....but I'll give my 2 bobs worth.


I've only driven cars with 18" and 19" wheels never 20"'s....but by definition, the ride will almost always be firmer than the smaller diameter shoes. Most of us agree, larger wheels look great, and if we only drove on perfect,  billiard smooth roads we'd all be packing 21" rims 🙂 


PASM does indeed make a difference particularly on less than perfect roads, I found PASM's "smoothing" effect more noticeable on 19"'s than the 18"'s (I went with 18" rims in the end for my 987.1 CS). Some like to talk about un-sprung mass and similar physics/engineering-y topics when it comes to wheel diameters, consensus typically is that off the track, the smaller diameters make for a less harsh ride but with quick reactive turn in etc. Not to mention the tyres themselves are less expensive!

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Hi and welcome Graham,


I work in Cheltenham and live in Gloucester. We're fairly well served for specialists, OPC in Tewkesbury, Cotswold Porsche in Toddington and Maundrells as Wantage for car sales.


Never driven a PASM car, but expect it would help a lot with the jiggly ride, as Gloucestershire's road are not very smooth, but lovely to drive out in the country.


Dont forget Prescott for the Porsche day and the drivers club in May 2020.




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Hi Graham, I have a 981 Cayman with 20" wheels and PASM and I find the ride quality is one of the best things about the car.  It's miles better than my daily C Class Merc on 19" option wheels and also better than my previous 987 gen 1 Cayman on 18" with PASM.

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My 981CS has 20's and PASM and the ride is excellent for a car of this type. It's better than my previous 996T on 18's and our Audi A3 sport on 16's. The ride on that is awful.

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Hi All
currently running MPSS Tyres On 19” but find them noisy on longer trips.


any views on lower dB options- Contis or experience of the PS4S compared to older Michelins? 


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Not a direct reply to your question but I've just had to replace my 2 years on my Cayman 981 on 20" wheels with PASM & went for a direct replacement ie Pirelli P0 as I had no perceived problems with noise.

The main reason for adding to this post is that I ended up getting them from my local (Cheltenham) Kwik Fit! as it was the best deal I could find ie £443.70 for 2 265/30 x 20 N1's. They (Kwik Fit) were not my first choice but I did tell them on arrival that I was concerned about avoiding damage to the wheels and it turned out that they do have "rim protectors". I can happily confirm that there was no damage to the wheels.   

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