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Alternator Voltage Regulator


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Hello all,


The alternator is putting out 15.6v, I replace the battery about 2 weeks ago and its still doing the same. So I am assuming that I will need to change the voltage regulator inside the alternator?


My question is if it is possible to get access to the regulator, without having to remove the alternator itself?




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On much older cars it was fairly simple to swap out the Alternator reg/rec but I believe it's much more of a mission these days!

I would hook up an AVO meter to find if the volts vary according to load etc... 15.6v is the upper limit of an alternators output ime so if the battery when "resting" is fully charged at around 12.6-12.9v your alternator should float around 13v on tick over & no more than 14 ish volts at 3k revs... Obviously the AVO meter will show varying volts depending on electrical load/revs...

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Thanks @Mavrik


I have done some research with the OEM part numbers for the alternator, and there is basically a black cover on the back held on by 2 screws. When the screws are removed they also hold the reg and it comes out. That's why I was think if the black cover is accessable without removing a load of stuff.

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