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Newbie saying hello


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2 hours ago, swanny71 said:

Afternoon all,


Quick post to say hello from a potential 981Cayman owner. Feels like I’m looking for a needle in a haystack - manual GTS in a sober colour.

It’s finally time for my first Porsche after owning some of the usual alternatives - TVR’s, Lotus and M cars, currently a 1M.





Welcome aboard and good luck in your search. Not going well so far i take it...

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7 minutes ago, swanny71 said:


Been looking for a few months. Hardly any for sale, even fewer within a sensible traveling distance of deepest, darkest Devon.

Must be patient....

Sounds akin to trying to find ‘anything’ remotely specialist [Tractor spares aside] living in the arse-end of England that is Lowestoft, Suffolk.


Nothing worth having comes easily I’m told 🙂 Hang in there !

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Hello from me and good luck with the search. At the end of the day you must be willing to travel wherever you need to in order to buy a hard to source used car.

I found my Cayman 40 miles away but I would have gone anywhere to buy one..


keep the faith mate...

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Hi and welcome,


Yes it can be hard to find a good one in your budget within reasonable travelling distance.


Also when you start travelling a long way, its a lot of time and money, and can end up being a bad car, and then you might feel like buying it anyway because of all the effort/expense of travelling to it...


Probably worth looking at some of the specialists around London and the South East, then you could have a day trip and see a couple of likely cars, and maybe find one you want to buy.










Also it is worth using the specialists as they know these cars and will know if the usual faults have been fixed.


Good luck


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Good advice given here as always from my esteemed enthusiasts. I think I test drove 12 or 13 cars before finding The One.....it's obviously good fun, and helps calibrate what a "good" car looks and feels like, versus an average one. Also helps you work out which one suits your needs/desires the best.

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Appreciate the advice guys, thank you.

I’m no stranger to traveling for the right car but this one is taking longer than ever. Plenty of lovely PDK cars about but a manual is the one option I won’t compromise on.

Hoping to see a few more come avaliable when GTS 4.0 deliveries begin...

No rush when this wet, miserable winter is still with us....

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