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Corroded exhaust clamps


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Hi guys


The clamps between my silencers and tip are corroded/cracked.  Going to be replacing them with Mikalor W4 clamps in a week or so.


I've bought a pair suitable for 2.5" (63mm) which I think is the right size.  Or have I got that wrong?


Anyway, updates to follow once I've fitted them.

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Remember they are spot welded on also, so you have to chisel the weld even after you have cut the clamp in half.


Watch the Max Revs video for an idea of whats involved:




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13 hours ago, Simon Wood said:

Following your updates. Mine have also corroded/cracked. I plan to fix myself, but will be keen to get a link to the Mikalor W4 clamps.


You can get them from most places.  I used to use them back in my RX-7 days (they would stop charge piping from blowing off).  Just make sure they're genuine Mikalor clamps and not the cheap copies.


W2 are stainless but the bolt is mild steel.  W4 is stainless all around.


Cheers for the spot weld reminder.  That can face the wrath of my percussion drill!

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I don't think there's enough room between the rear of the pipes... It certainly doesn't look that way in the video, at least. Have yet to get under the car and have a proper look myself.

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Mikalor are great clamps, I've used them on a few Cars over the years, bought mine from e-bay, though its vital you get the right size.


Having watched that video and seen my own clamps and pipes at only 5000 miles, I would suggest the corrosion is not from cold/heat, cold /heat, or even spray from the wheels, but actually from the Exhaust fumes (carbon monoxide) escaping where the Tail Pipes are slotted for ease of fitment, especially if no Exhaust Paste was used at fitment. 


Picture of my 2015 / 5000 mile Exhaust, leaking same place as in video,

DSC_0405_1_40 resized.jpg

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  • 2 weeks later...


Just in the middle of doing these Exhaust clamps at the moment. Knocked an impact socket onto the corroded nuts and used a breaker bar then impact driver and they came off. Brackets were spot welded as expected but I found that hammering the old bracket from side to side soon released them.  Came off pretty easy in the end. All done with one rear jack installed..

Then saw the upper 2x exhaust pipe bracket coach bolts were even more corroded so with the exhaust tip now rotated downwards out the way I used an angle grinder and the dremmel to eventually remove these as well. Top bracket itself is fine. Have ordered two new S/S coach bolts and flanged nuts off EBay so will refit everything at the weekend.

If you want to buy the lower S/S brackets at a great price then try Nemesisuk.. Around ~£7 per bracket..


Spraying/wiping all my bolts and nuts under the rear of the car with ACF-50 as well while I have access after reading good reports about the stuff online (good vids on YouTube as well)..

and planning to spray and wipe front coolant hose fittings with the stuff next week as I know they are a weak area. The spray states it’s safe on rubber..  Done tops if front struts in the past which had also started corroding.


Hope this helps someone in the future..




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I've yet to start mine (been rearranging the garage) but will follow-up once I've had a chance.  Appreciate everyone's input thus far.

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