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Value of 987 sports seats

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I hope this is ok to post here and falls within rules/site etiquete. Basically, I'm considering selling my set of sports seats. Having run them for a  month or so, the added support didn't seem to justify the slight loss in comfort if that makes sense. The standard seats are so good that for me they seem like a better balance when on a long run. Having looked on eBay and the classifieds here, prices seem to vary wildly.  Am I missing something or does it simply boil down to 'you'll get what someones prepared to pay on the day'? 


Thanks in advance!





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36 minutes ago, Dougle_turbo said:

Hi Jon - are these heated?


They were sold to me as being heated, although hen I installed they didn't seem to be. From what I gather that might be a function that needs to be activated at a dealer?

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I sold a set of heated ones last year for around £1100. Seeing as yours either don't have heat or the element has gone I'd say they are worth a little less than that.


What did you pay for them?

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18 hours ago, Jon Panayi said:

Odd as it sounds, it's hard to say as they were part of a parts swap bundle. They probably owe me about £900 I guess. 

I'd say that's about right.

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On 24/06/2020 at 18:09, PMGPete said:

I have a set of these I would let go for £700, out of my car with 44k.  

What kind of wear do the bolsters have Pete? 🤔


can you post a photo please 


and are yours heated?

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