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987s manual wishbones

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hey all, i have a 987.1. i am looking at wishbones, im getting a tad confused, some of the sites im looking at, say the wishbones are the same front and rear, some of them say they are different. can someone please clear up if they are or are not the same.

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The front ones for the 987 are not the same as the rears (the thrust puck is thicker).


The rears are the same as the ones on the front AND back of the previous generation (986) Boxster.


I hope that helps.

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I think I saw your post in the 996 Facebook group Adam.  I posted the CP4L screenshot, thinking of course it was for a 996.  But as LennyM says, if it's for a 987 then the parts do differ slightly.  Price wise they shouldn't be much different though.  


I have ordered similar parts recently (in the last few days) and out of D911, ECP and CP4L the latter was the cheapest, particularly if you use the 20% discount code.  Just stick your number plate in and it'll bring up the correct parts for you.  

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