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Advice & gudiance would be extremely welcome - Cayman Gen 1, 3.4 or Cayman Gen 2, 2.9

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HI, I am looking to buy a Cayman, my budget is circa £17.5k (i am 50 in 3 weeks , this is a gift to me for me 🙂


I am looking for a 987, my ideal is a gen 2 but i think my budget is tight. If i opt for a gen 1 then it has to be 3.4 as i would only regret it after 3 weeks of purchase (hindsight, wish i had written a book about it).


Simply put any advice, comments on what to look out for would be more than welcome, i have seen these 2 as a starter for 10 but i have that nagging 'will i wish i had gone for the 3.4 gen 1 over a 2.9 gen 2' 


https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202007231608550?sort=distance&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&model=CAYMAN&price-from=500&postcode=bn176gz&make=PORSCHE&radius=1500&price-to=17000&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1


https://www.autotrader.co.uk/classified/advert/202008032047172?sort=distance&onesearchad=New&onesearchad=Nearly New&onesearchad=Used&model=CAYMAN&price-from=500&postcode=bn176gz&make=PORSCHE&radius=1500&price-to=17000&advertising-location=at_cars&page=1


Thanks in advance

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Not an expert but I own a gen2 2.9. with PDK. 

I believe gen 2 pdk is similar performance as gen 1 S. The S has greater torque but the 2.9 with PDK changes gear quick and makes up for lower torque value.  

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Hi Tom and welcome,

Happy impending birthday!


I've not driven a 3.4 gen1, so can't comment, but my 2.9 is adequate for me, fast enough. Depends what you are used to.


The market is strong after Lockdown, so prices are high and supply low.


With these cars it's all about the maintenance, you want to be seeing a stack of bills to show the common problems have been fixed.


Watch my YouTube about some of the common issues:



For example mine is an 09 with 54k miles, it was £18k, but I've had to put £1500 into it in repairs this last 18months.


Alternatively for no hassle consider a new one. £10500 deposit 3 years £331 a month on a PCP.

Obviously that's the flat 4 turbo, so the flat 6 howl is missing....



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Hi Tom, great idea for a 50th! By the sounds you've not driven many; might I suggest you make that a priority, that's how you'll work out which models engines etc you like, what a nice tight car feels like against a not so fine example etc. And of course it's good fun! My gen 1 CS has been 3 + yrs of faultless fun on the road and track, nearly 100K km and still puts a smile on my face. The 2.9 isnt far behind, and the 2.7 is a fine lump too. PDK and manual are 2 different beasts as well. Budget for some work on whatever you buy, whether straight away or a bit down the track (you may get bitten by the mod bug as some of us do!) . Good luck with the search

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