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B6 shocks @ Cayman R springs

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Found this thread on Rennlist from a 987.2 owner who installed B6s with R springs (+ other component refreshes). 



Raises another possible option that a number of us are interested in / are pursuing / have pursued - ie, achieve an improved ‘look’ and / or ride & handling and refreshed suspension on our now ageing 987 models (can’t believe my ‘old gal’ is 11 yo this March - and yes I am referring to my Cayman there, not SWMBO 😉😱). 


Though he doesn’t offer much in terms of ride / handling assessment after the work it does present 2 great ‘positives’:


1) very clearly demonstrates the visual aesthetic improvement of drop on this combo - which for me looks perfect. 


2) a brilliant photo heavy ‘how to’ on the total suspension change works, including addressing all the problems he encounters through the job. 

As an aside this guys thread covers a range of other ‘how to’ guides on all sorts of things such as door card removal, g’box oil change, etc.. and also presents a number of enviable driving routes along west coast USA (...provokes wistful idea of shipping car to USA for a stunning Californian canyon roads trip ‘one day’....) - and his scenic photography is pretty good too ⛰

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It'll make no difference. The springs are what lower the car. The b6 and b8 shock has the same damping characteristics so the only difference will be where in the dampers travel you are operating

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Has anyone fitted B16 coilovers - you can obviously dial in your own preferred ride hieghts.


I fitted a set to my 7.5 R, the difference was amazing, both in ride quality and grip.

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Looking at current prices of both B6 & B8 (non damptonic) on the bilsteinsuspensionstore.co.uk they are  ~£1100 and £1120 respectively for a full set of 4 (prices seem to have increased since Brexit 🙄🤨), the R dampers (with PCGB discount) are ‘only’ ~£1200, so barely any cost difference between them currently. 

And I presume better to have the matched set than ‘mixed’? 🤔

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