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Power steering

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Cayman 987.2


2009 PDK


Got a whining noise when turning the wheel and a mechanic friend advised to check the power steering hydraulic fluid. Topped this up and the problem went away for a week or so. The reservoir is still full but the power steering is now not working at all.

my mechanic pal (Not Porsche trained) says it’s most likely the pump needs replacing.

Any advice of a garage who could do this ........ would prefer not to take it to a main dealer re cost etc

I live near Wimbledon. 



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Not working at all? ... No power assistance at all?


Have you checked the serpentine drive belt firstly?

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Sorry.   Meant to say..... if revving the engine the steering does lighten up a little. 

But normal driving etc it is very heavy.


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So it's not losing fluid from the steering rack?

Does sound like the pump.

Yes find a Porsche specialist out of London for lower prices.

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RSJ Sports Cars are in Slough, might be an option, they're a Porsche specialist, been in business 20 years or more. I lately bought my car from them. Their mechanics are personable, know their stuff I think, might give you a good price/advice. 

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