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Twin Turbo kit for 987's......

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I've been thinking of having my daily MX-5 Supercharged. Had a long chat with a guy last night; who i then discovered is in the process of developing a Twin Turbo kit for the 987.


Infact by pure chance - i literally missed seeing his own '987 test car' at Hybrid Tune last weekend when i had my Geometry set-up.  This car has been converted and is in for final tweaks and mapping. I'm told there is also another 987 either up and running; or about to be converted - in order to be run as a test mule; so that two cars are in parallel testing to iron out any and all potential issues.


Final price is expected to be £6-6.5k fitted by himself at his new workshops. All that is required after that is an oil change and a remap. Martin Knuckles the 'designer' - from Woodbridge - has a long Motorsport history and a proven record of developing various parts for the supercharging / turbo'ing of MX5's in conjunction with G19 Engineering in Ipswich.



MRN Race Technologies blog


MRN Technologies Facebook page



Interesting stuff; and i'm really impressed with the fine Engineering details that have been covered and thought about.



Who's guinea pig ? 😄

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Doug at G19 used my friends car as a development car when he first started out.  I remember meeting him many moons ago.  His work is very good from what I’ve heard and seen more recently.  

I have seen snippets of the 987 turbo, I wonder if it’s the same cars you’re mentioning - I shall investigate 

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Has anybody tried the MRN 82mm Throttle body they do? I guess it works out as a similar price to IPD, so the only difference is the carbon fiber aesthetics/weight save?

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