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Where is the market at right now?

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I’ve seen plenty of dealers still sticking to high prices and private sales not selling…but I’ve been out of the market for too long to pass a judgment. Friends says he reckons the market bubble has popped….


What do my far more well informed forum friends think? 

Reason I ask is that this year I might trade up and want to get the timing right. And I have no idea how much my Cayman S 2012 is now worth! 


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The market is still very much "up", but that'll obviously hit you both ways if you're immediately buying another car. I sold my 987 just a few weeks ago and the small gains I made on the price were absolutely lost when I bought a replacement. I expect you'll get the most interest in the coming months as weather improves, if you are looking to sell.


Whether prices will ever come back down for the 987 is another matter, given earlier models had more or less stopped depreciating pre-COVID.

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The market isn't one single market which will all move the same way.  

Porsche OPC still trying to buy my car back for more than I paid them for it 13 months ago.  Doing the sums, I paid retail, their offer to buy back is 8% more than that and they would advertise for probably another 10-12% above that.  

I’d say the market is still quite buoyant for certain sought after models and cars and I wouldn’t expect that to change in the future.  For more mundane/common stuff, I would say the market is softening a bit due to the new car supply starting to unlock, albeit slowly.  What might hit things now is affordability, interest rates and inflation but again, I don’t expect that to hit the premium/exotica market much.  

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Last week Churchill Insurance, within an insurance quote, gave glancing valuation of my 987.2 2011 car of 28K, for which I paid 24K from RSJ Sports Cars exactly 12 months ago. Pleasant surprise.

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