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Numeric cables - loud and too tight?


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My cables snapped so I had my indie shop replace them with Numeric. I already had the OEM SSK.


The problems after replacing original with Numeric cables are now:


- there's a noise in the cabin, below 3k rpm it's louder than the engine

- the feeling is the 3rd and 5th are now closer together, giving me an uncomfortable feeling I could miss-shift really easily 

- when cold the first/reverse is hard to get in, sometimes it falls out of a gear


Has anyone else had these problems? I've driven it back to the shop but I'm still looking for tips.

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If it's jumping out of gear then the cables are definitely not adjusted correctly, or the shifter itself is misaligned.  Definitely take it back and get them to sort it.

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OK, it was fixed. Just need to find a solution for the noise, will see if Numeric has any suggestions.


Edit: I found noise is a common problem and for some reason, Numeric doesn't add the tubing set as standard. So back to the shop.

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