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Swapping 987.2S for 981S


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I've had my 987.2S since 2016 and I'm thinking that it'll soon be time for a change. Not gone off the car in any way, but it's change for the sake of driving something different. Too much money to go to a 997.2S, so a 981S seems like a reasonable choice. Expecting to spend about 10k by making the change.


Mine is a PDK, which is brilliant, but I miss the extra level of control you get with a manual, so that would be very high on my list of priorities.


Has anyone else gone from 987 to 981 and got any comments to make? I'm aware of the non-hydraulic steering in the 981. I'm expected not to notice the slight power increase, but I would imagine that it feels a bit more modern inside.


I wouldn't be changing until April, but just keen to get a few comments for peoples' experiences.




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Just copied a similar post i made on ph regarding a similar opinion i expressed.


I had a similar amount of money and my feeling went like this. 

987R- fantastic cars but i couldn't get over the dated interior for that sort of money. 
981S -i ended up buying the perfect one for me at the right price,  i love it. 
981GTS - i didn't want to comprise on colour or choice really and the right one never came up with sub 50k mileage in the 12m i was looking. 

I bought and love my 981S with all the GTS options but with proper cruise and 14 way seats. Its perfect for me and came in slightly below budget with sub 30k miles. 


Unfortunately i can't offer any experience of the 987 models other than a test drive. I found the 981 variant a much stiffer and much more rounded modern sports car.


This was all my personal opinion.



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