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My Porsche Cayman S - Borescored!


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Got rid of my Porsche Cayman S as it was suffering big time from borescoring 😬


Ended up punting it to WBAC for £5k less than market without scoring but hey! Needed a closed deck full rebuild for £10k


Anyways... Keeping my Zed GT HR convertible as it has NEVER missed a beat & is just as fun as a Cayman lol 😆 

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On 23/02/2023 at 01:28, Aaron said:

How bad was the scoring and what was the mileage?


Some poor sod is going to regret buying that at auction!

Used around a litre of oil every 300 miles & smoked like a mofo from cold (no smoke once up to temp) ... developed the classic piston slap tick.


Mileage was on 72k.



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On 25/02/2023 at 08:25, Alan W said:


Remind me not to buy a car from you!  😆

Hence why I didn't try to palm it off to an unsuspecting private buyer!! 🙄

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What a bugger, sorry to heat about this belatedly Mavrik. Only silver lining on this is that this is the 1st scoring story I've heard of for some time.....% of those CS's that suffer this unfortunate affliction seem to remain low.

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